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Dec. 27th, 2010

Well, I managed 2 days off in a row for the first time since last September! The 26th was my gift to myself--I lounged around all day and did a whole lot of nothing. I am thinking that if I get started right now I MIGHT be ready for the holidays next year.  Might. 

Today it was back to work--I love it, really I do--it's great to be boss.  I could close the whole damn shop down for a week if I wanted, but it's our busy season (cold weather=good knitting weather) and this past month is going to keep me in business for a good part of next year.   

In other news, I am absolutely 100% over being pregnant.  This child (a girl, it's pretty certain) isn't due until mid April, but I would have it tomorrow right this very instant if I could.  I am like a giant blimp--my mother, ever tactful, mentioned how much larger I look than with my two boys and reminded me to watch my blood pressure.  I have gained quite a bit of weight (with both the boys it was 50+ lbs, I lost it within a year) but this is different:  my belly is fucking HUGE.  My center of gravity is all messed up.  Blurgh.

Hope everyone had a happy Christmas and here's to 2011 being fabulous!


Happy Hallowe'en!! The Man is out with the kids and I'm at home eating all the pumpkin seeds and passing out the occasional candy bar. It's hard to get in the spirit this year: I'm too big to wear any cute costumes, but mostly this is the first day really off I've had in a month and I've been doing laundry and catching up on cleaning. No parties this year, boooo! I shouldn't complain too much--there's football and World Series on TV, I gobbled all the seeds and I have tons of candy left for me. Things could be worse!

Um, hey. I'm not dead.

Okay, so here's my 2010 so far:

Knitting shop still surviving. (yay!)

Divorce is final. No more Mrs. Stinky. (yay!)

Been seeing a great guy for about a year...

...having another baby at the ripe old age of 38!

Working constantly, loving it.

In "down time" constantly running Kid #2 (Xi) to hockey practice. He's a goalie.

Oldest boy in college, doing really well.

Summary: work, kids, life going well, but super busy. Miss everyone! Still suck at posting!

The great outdoors

Everything is blooming here. The pollen is so thick that it's piled up on the sides of the street. Luckily I am not allergic, but only sneeze when it gets in my nose like dust. Since I'm not all itchy and watery-eyed I find this time of year quite lovely. It's still cool enough that the mosquitos are not out yet, but it's warm enough for shorts and sandals. I'm going to savor it while it lasts, because it won't be long before it's over.

Today I'm supposed to be working in the yard, but I'm procrastinating. I have to mow the lawn and plant lots of flowers that SickBoy and I picked out yesterday. He chose lots of snapdragons (or, as he used to refer to them, slapdragons) and I picked dianthus. We also have jessamine and herbs and strawberries. I can't wait to plant the tomatoes and okra in a few weeks. For someone who can't keep houseplants alive, I sure do like gardening.

I should also mention that in gardening, as in all parts of my life, I am a nerd. I like to look up weeds and wildflowers in my Audubon books, just to know what they are before I pull them.

Okay, I'll have breakfast then get outside. Nature calls.
Sick Boy's sick again. Ear infection this time. Two more days of missed school. Sigh.

Have tim tams in hand, still searching for the elusive vegemite. Tomorrow there may be a trip to Taste of Britain way far away. Or perhaps the Indian grocery down the street. I'm gonna call first.

I have stalled with my knitting. I've got projects that NEED to be done, but I can't seem to get to them. I haven't really tried to make time either.

I'm a week behind on BSG (the price I pay for making someone else record them for me). I may have cried at the last episode I watched.

Perhaps I cannot knit because I am too busy reading Knitting Rules by the Yarn Harlot aka Stephanie Pearl McPhee. It is required reading for anyone who has ever had to defend their stash. You know what I mean.

The weather is beautiful and I spent much of the weekend outside weeding and pruning. I wish it would stay like this all year. Summer is just so darn hot.

I missed the whole Buffy Love thing yesterday (what with the being outdoors), but I have to say that the thing I love most about Buffy is getting to know all of the wonderful folks from the old Board that Shall not Be Named and keeping up with all of you here on LJ.
A thank you to my Australian friends for the information and postcards. I have found a local Australian Bakery that carries tim tams. And they're even on sale! I'm heading over this morning to hopefully partake of some yummy baked goods and coffee.

I had Sick Boy home last week with strep AGAIN. This makes the fourth time since the tonsils came out. We think that perhaps one of us is a carrier that never gets sick, but may be passing it on to him over and over. He goes back to the doctor next week and I plan on getting us all tested if possible.

Yesterday I finally ordered our DragonCon tickets. I was able to round up 11 people, so we at least got a discount. I don't know why I didn't do it sooner. Lazy, I guess. Also, the Mariott was all booked up so I had to go with the Hyatt again. I did get the "cheap" rate, but for 4 nights instead of 3. We'll be checking in on Thursday. I'm bringing ear plugs this time.

I have knitting stuff to talk about, but I'll save that for another post.

Happy Thursday!

Feb. 10th, 2007

I need some technical help.

I was all excited last night about using my new mood theme, but for some reason it doesn't work. I downloaded the mood theme. I went to my settings and selected the theme--it does show up on my list. But it doesn't appear on my posts. I'm thinking I've missed a step, probably uploading the theme's pictures to LJ, but I don't see where or how to do that.

Any advice appreciated.

Jeez, now here it is February the 9th. I've been in and out lately--just skimming LJ. Busy like a bee, and all that. Had to just drop in and check out my new mood theme courtesy of grace_poppy. I promise to update longer and in more detail next week. Here's a small idea of what's going on:

I am chubby.

I am not walking enough.

I am crazy, but sleeping well.

I see shrink Monday.

I am going to pick up Chinese food.


So far this year...

I've managed to floss my teeth every day.

No one in the family has been sick.

My cat continues to be the Best Kitty Ever.

I decided to clean out my craft closet. (Still working on it...)

I finished one knitting project (kitty bed) and picked up another I'd put down for almost a year.

I picked up a needlepoint project that I'd put down for over a year.

I've eaten a lot of junk food.

I've felt only minor guilt for the above.

I've resolved to get more things used. This is in an effort to save $ and also to recycle.

I haven't picked up a book.

I've had both kids whine about going back to school.

I've stayed up till midnight watching college football. (Yay Gators! Even though I hate you normally, you're SEC so go!)

And I've managed to wake up 2 mornings in a row before 7 am. Fortunately, I've only needed to wake up that early twice.

Very Merry

Merry Christmas to all!

From:  Carrie, Stinky, Large Boy, Sick Boy, Rosie, Star, Azi, Archie, and assorted fish