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I am now the proud owner slave of a three legged black kitty originally named Alvin but now rechristened Aziraphale. Kitties are love. This was not planned. It was love at first sight and I cannot explain it.

Merry Christmas.

Wool for thought

As a knitter who loves working with wool, this has really made me think. I'd love to hear others' opinions. Aussies? Knitters?


P.S. I tried to embed the video, but the code was invalid. I not a dummy.

P.S.S. I have heard of this practice done on Australian sheep before, but the rebuttal stated that it was the most effective way to keep the sheep from becoming infected with maggots. It's pretty gruesome to watch it done on the video.

Happy Yule!

I'm just finishing up addressing the last of my Christmas cards. If you get one and you wonder WTF is up with this freaky card, just know that I made them myself (with a little help from Sick Boy). Yes, each is a work of bizarre art. Feel lucky.

Today was the last day of school for the boys. I managed to wrap all their presents. If it's possible to be sore from wrapping presents, I am. We went and bought our tree tonight. I waited long enough and got a $100 tree for $25. It's kinda wonky, but we liked it. It's name is "Samuel." Yes, it told me that.

To celebrate the end of school we had dinner at a nice steak house. Sick Boy had a certificate for a free meal since he was "student of the month" for art class. He, of course, ordered a grilled cheese sandwich. He doesn't eat much meat. Chocolate, however, he loves, so we ordered this giant dessert and even with the four of us splitting we couldn't finish it.

I am absolutely exhausted, but feel like I've at least accomplished a lot the last few days and I'm fairly ready for the Big Day. Having the tree will hopefully make it feel more like Christmas. That and the boys now being out of school.

Archie continues to be the cutest thing EVER, and I promise to spam you all with numerous photos and video just as soon as life calms down a little bit.

asta77, I have a little something for you, but it's taking me a really long time to get it JUST RIGHT. Look for a package from me after Christmas, but (hopefully) before New Years.

Happy holidays to everyone and much love to you all.

Nov. 12th, 2006

I haven't dropped off the face of the planet.  We spent the last few days in Charlottesville, VA for Stinky's grandfather's funeral.  Charlottesville is beautiful and every time we visit I want to move there.  We were there a month ago visiting Grandpa Lenny for the last time.  He was 90 years old and lived a great life.  I'm sad for the family, but glad he's not suffering anymore.  I'm also glad we got to say goodbye.  This time the boys were able to see some second cousins--the closest they have with me being an only child and Stinky's brother not having any kids.  It was good for all of us to be together.  I slept most of the 8 hour car ride home yesterday and then for 9+ hours last night.  I must have been more exhausted than I'd known.  It's good to be back home in my own house, my own bed, and not least importantly, my own bathroom.  There's nothing like your own toilet, you know.

Have I missed anything?  I'm not up to catching up with LJ this morning, so if there's anything important fill me in.  I'm off to have another up of coffee and read more Sunday paper. 

Oct. 23rd, 2006

Last night's dinner had a decidedly Welsh theme.  I made Welsh rabbit and for dessert Welsh cakes.  Yum!  I found the cake recipe off the internets and it was plenty tasty.  Of course, most things with an entire stick of butter in them are pretty good.  That's two nights in a row that I've cooked.  Saturday I made beef stew.  I'm like a domestic godess or something.

And speaking of welsh cake, I have nothing to compare it to since I've never made crumpets.  Anyone have a recipe?  I'm working on being an equal opportunity gal.

Today the kids are out of school for a teacher workday or some such nonsense, and we are going to see The Nightmare Before Christmas in 3-D.  I hope it translates well.  In other movie news, I watched Millions the other night with Sick Boy and loved it.  Very good non-smarmy family movie.  The kid actors were great.

Watched BSG 3.4 Saturday night and loved it.  Go read someone else's thoughts--I'm still "oooh pretty!"

Okay, off to the movies.
Since it's Friday and the kids have no school Monday I let Sick Boy stay home again today. Am I a bad mother? In my defense, I emailed his teacher yesterday with a request for the spelling word list and still haven't heard back. How can he go to school and take a spelling test if he doesn't know the words?

I am actually considering home schooling him. Here is where I need you to talk me out of this. I'm not sure that we wouldn't kill each other within a week. I know that I could do the actual teaching from a "brains" standpoint, I'm just not sure I could do it from a "motivation" one. Here's where I make a list: 

--Less exposure to germs
--More opportunity to spend on "interesting" subjects and less rote learning
--could learn stuff like baking and knitting and art and sewing
--I'd supervise his blood sugars all day (now his nurse does it at school and she's great, but not me)

--Less social interaction (although there are groups of secular homeschoolers in the area)
--We'd kill each other
--I'm crazy
--There's the whole "killing each other" thing

So talk me out of it.  Or give me advice.  Or just tell me to shut up--SOMETHING.

Everything old is new again

Well, he's offically Sick Boy again. Took him to the doctor yesterday and his test was positive for strep. It's back to the antibiotics. I thought, hoped we were done with this. At least he's cheerful and not driving me crazy(er). Hopefully back to school tomorrow.

I chipped a tooth the other night--just a piece off the back you cannot see--and it's driving me nuts. Had to sign up for a new dentist this morning with the healthcare plan. Managed care SUCKS.

I've been trying to get brassiere shopping all week, but to no avail with the wee one around. Must have new unmentionables. (Although with the amount I talk about them they should actually be called frequently-mentionables!)

In knitting news, I have actually been completing projects lately! I know it's unheard of! Multiple scarves in the can and now I must get going again on Stinky's sweater. Should I post pictures? I like pictures. Does everyone like pictures?

I haven't been reading anything lately except for the daily paper, and only parts of that. I am currently addicted to the sudoku puzzles that run with the crossword. I work them every night before bed--I like little rituals like that.

Today I have had 3 cups of coffee and 3 oreos for breakfast. Dunked the cookies, of course. Breakfast of champions? How about breakfast of the lazy.

Must wash the small dog today and then clean the bathrooms. The mold is going to take on a life of its own and destroy the world pretty soon. I shall don the rubber gloves and tame the beast.

So I've been a little crazy lately, and that's crazy as in busy not as in mentally ill. Still on the meds for that one. So here's a rundown:

I spent the first 3 days of last week in Virginia visiting Stinky's 90 year-old terminally ill hospitalized grandfather. Needless to say that was not uplifting, but it was nice to see his family.

Thank goodness we bought a new car because 16+ hours in the car with the two boys would have driven me insane had they not been separated by rows. Plus, the newest old car we had went kaplooey last Thursday. Hopefully Stinky can fix it. Crosses fingers.

I made 20+ fleece hats last week to sell at a craft fair on Saturday. I sold maybe half, two of those as trades with other crafters. I ended up with this bizarro X-mas wreath with nutcrackers all over it. It was made by these two wonderful guys at the booth next to mine. New friends, yay!

I also have completed numerous scarves for the fair. I sold a few of those too. Business was not as good as I had expected it to be.

I had Sick Boy home with me Wednesday thru Friday last week. He caught a cold up in VA. He still has this pitiful "heh, heh" sounding cough. I made him go back to school today. He played in two soccer games this weekend, so I figured he could tough out school.

Large Boy had his first real dance the weekend before last. He and his girlfriend looked wonderful and she even got him to dance!

I've been re-reading inlovewithnight 's Racket Boys universe and loving it all over again. There is something about those gangster boys that just hits it.

I have almost been able to pay off Stinky's entire student loan. Almost. It's taken 10 years, but it's been worth it.

I still love my new car like burning. Not that I love burning...

I am on my way to the fabric store this morning to get stuff for Hallowe'en costumes. Now that I'm done with those damn hats (that didn't sell) I can start sewing for the boys. I'm still waiting for inspiration, so I'll keep you posted.

This week I'm going to get mylodon 's package in the mail if it kills me. Do you think your two youngest would like some funky hats?  I've been trying to figure out what to send them along with the oldest's T-shirt.  

And last, Sick Boy said the funniest thing ever to me yesterday.  I was babysitting Peyton's daughter, Dancing Baby, yesterday afternoon and I took her to the soccer games with us.  One of the moms sits down next to me and asks if she was mine and I replied, "No, she's my girlfriend's."  I hear Sick Boy inhaling loudly, then he comes and whispers in my ear, "Mom!  I didn't know you were gay!" 



I've been a bit busy lately doing stuff like working, volunteering at UnSick Boy's school, and BUYING A NEW CAR!  Our "newest" vehicle was 12 years old and had decided to randomly shut off while I was driving, so after months of research--I was preparing for the inevitable--I went out and got a new Mazda5.  It had my main requirements:  a manual transmission, a multi disc in dash CD player, a sunroof, room for our crap, and is a bright color.  I adore it.  I had a 1983 Mazda GLC wagon years ago and always had fond memories.  Our current 3 cars are all Volvos, but we didn't like any of the new ones.  

Today I'm a bit sad because we're getting rid of the 1984 wagon, but the good news is we're donating it to Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.  So enough talk--I bring you...

Going to the mountains of North Carolina for a girls' weekend! Not having killed any children recently, I feel I deserve this.

Have a good weekend!